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About IEWS...

         If you are aspiring to pursue an NDA/CDS program overseas then a lot of questions must be creeping into your mind right now. Question on issues such as Whoever you are, whatever your age, whatever the situation or problem which you are facing, coaching may help you to focus on developing and achieving successful solutions. Coaching can enhance performance at work and facilitate the pursuit of excellence. The Centre offers coaching based on the cognitive-behavioural approach. Problem-focused or problem-solving coaching is a method of teaching to identify current problems and then to learn a series of steps in order to overcome them. which coaching to choose, how to apply will haunt you for a long time. Pursuing an Professional Program may sound like an interesting idea but it really worth the money?

       The answer to this question depends on many factors which have to be analyzed before arriving at a conclusion. Let us weigh these factors and then decide to what extent each factor is applicable to you.
Coaching and mentoring are ‘helping behaviours’ used to support personal development over shorter and longer periods respectively

        IDEAL EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE SOCIETY approaches combine the use of cognitive (thinking) and behavioural techniques to help solving problems.

        IDEAL EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE SOCIETY  is indebted to the lofty dream and vision of Mr. M.K. Tripathi. Eight year ago, he started the institute with a hand full of students and stupendous growth of this institute is indeed remarkable within a short spa of time.The institute has achieved incredible height of success. Regular test being taken well planned, motivational finishing is given to the students before written S.S.B. by the experienced faculty and ex-S.S.B. officers.

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